The Vacationing Writer

One of my favorite action/thriller conventions is the frequently changing exotic locations. I love to see new places, and I’ve used both places I’ve been and places I wish I could go in my writing. I like to imagine that someday I’ll be forced to travel to research for a book. Oh, the horror! Off to Italy to take notes for the next novel…

In the book I’m working on now, the locations include London (been there), Toronto (never been), Wales (never been), Spain (been, but not to where I’m writing about), and Mali (lived there). Oh, and Charles de Gaulle airport, my least favorite airport ever!

I’m basing the setting for the opening fight scene on a pub we visited in London. It was very quiet when we were there, middle of a week day, and we enjoyed some traditional pub food.

When I’m on vacation, I have a hard time balancing my desire to just enjoy the experience with the desire to remember and record every detail, in case I might want it for a book. I tend to save maps and brochures, and take too many pictures (although I always find later that I neglected to photograph something ).  For example, I didn’t take any pictures of that pub.

Thankfully the internet is becoming more and more amazing for exploring far away places. Takes the pressure off a bit 🙂

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