That Sweet Rush

Today I finally finished writing a big scene I’ve been planning, plotting, and starting over for oh… the last month? At least that long. Granted, we did move last weekend, so it hasn’t been the most productive couple of weeks for writing. But I finally made it to the end, after writing all day and part of yesterday, without having any awful realizations. At least twice before I’ve gotten well into the action, after drawing diagrams and everything, only to realize that there’s some terrible flaw in my thinking.

It’s the climax to a major plot arc, and I did hours of research to figure out what to even write. Maps and satellite images, grenades, guns, West African politics and history, weather patterns, moon rising and setting times, custom modifications to Land Rovers, the flash point of diesel, military tactics, a detailed timeline… all these and more!

Man, does it feel great! Nothing gets me jazzed like a great writing session. I love research, but getting lost in the flow of writing a scene is the best. I can’t sit still, I’m bouncing around the house saying stupid things out loud to myself and laughing like an insane person.

I know I’ll need to do a ton of edits on it — I’ve already thought of several things to fix or add — and probably some of the lines I thought were great today will make me cringe later. But right now, I feel awesome, and excited about my book, and I want to read back what I wrote and high five myself over it.

(My blood sugar might be a bit low. I felt no hunger!)

I just wanted to celebrate and commemorate this little victory. Cheers!

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