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Series Structure

The story I’m writing is a series, because of the sheer amount of stuff that happens (and the quantity of words required to tell it). It does include some natural book-sized endings and conflict arcs, as well, although I have not yet figured that out for all the pieces of the story. I’ve been thinking about series a lot lately, in trying to get my own more organized, and doing research about writing them. Continue reading Series Structure

Backstory and Where to Start

I’ve always thought about my story as taking place at a certain point in the timeline of events in the story world, even though of course I’ve developed a lot of backstory for all the characters. I was really starting in the thick of the action, right before a big showdown (relatively speaking – a book’s worth of events leading directly to the showdown). I’ve read that starting ‘in media res’ is a popular and effective strategy, and apparently that’s what I was drawn to before I ever started thinking analytically about it. The problem was, there was too much background to explain, to make it clear how the characters had got to this point, and why it mattered. Continue reading Backstory and Where to Start

Hello… online writing world!

I’m hoping to make some new friends in the big online world of writers and readers, and eventually, to tell people about my books! I’m working on a series of action/thriller books with a dash of fantasy, and I’m coming in the home stretch of the first draft of the first book in the series.

I’ve been working on this story, in some form or another, since high school, and after at least seven major re-writes (interspersed by long lulls and petty distractions like grad school), I am finally feeling that it’s taking the shape it ought to have. So, in the name of the power of positive thinking, I’m trying to prepare for the exciting, terrifying day when it might actually be published!