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White houses of Lindos, Rhodes, Greece

Me and Mary Stewart

I read a lot of Mary Stewart books when I was growing up, around the age of twelve. Recently I’ve been re-reading a couple of them, and I’m just now realizing the extent of the influence¬†she had on my writing. She wrote mystery/thrillers with a romantic element, and richly-described, often exotic, locations.

Whether because I just hadn’t experienced as much, or because my imagination was more active and open when I was a teenager, books, movies, and music from that time had a much bigger impact on me than they do now. I’m guessing that’s pretty normal. I knew that Mary Stewart’s books set in Greece (My Brother Michael, The Moonspinners, This Rough Magic) made me really want to visit Greece, which I finally got to do in 2013. I’ve included a couple pictures from that trip. Continue reading Me and Mary Stewart